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See Me Smile Bear View Infant Car Mirror & Baby Crib Mirror

Are you frustrated because you are unable to see your baby's face while driving?
The BearView Infant Mirror Is The Fun & Simple Solution To Your Problem!

Finally, an infant mirror that really works! We bought and tested several infant car mirrors and were very frustrated with the poor results. Then we found the BearView Infant Mirror from the Innovative folks at See Me Smile & wow what a difference! The Bear View Infant Car Mirror is fast and easy to install, allows you to really see your baby while driving and is also very cute to look at. 

Choose From 4 Cuddly Designs: 

 Tan Teddy



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Used primarily for rear facing infants in car seats, The Bear View Infant Mirror allows you to safely keep an eye on your baby's face while driving. With a quick adjustment of the rear view mirror, or a glance over your shoulder, you can now see your baby's face. Bear View provides peace of mind while entertaining your baby.  

Are you frustrated because you are unable to see your baby's face while driving?The BearView Infant Mirror Is The Fun & Simple Solution To Your Problem!   Bonny Babies Innovative Baby Products, BearView Infant Mirror is also great for entertianing forward facing babies in cars.  

The Bear Facts...

  • 7" Diameter Mirror - The convex plastic safety mirror is raised in the center. This provides a wide angle of vision to view your baby. Our mounting system also eliminates any vibrations

  • Bean-bag - The bean-bag that is attached to the back of the bear's head allows for simple placement and positioning of BearView. It also allows for additional uses (see additional uses page)

  • Adjustable - The Mirror Adjustment Strap is used to position the mirror for that perfect view of your baby

  • Soft & Plush 14" Tall Bear - BearView is made from a soft plush material just like a stuffed animal.

  • 4 Cute Styles- The BearView mirror is available as a Teddy Bear, Puppy, Panda Bear, Monkey.

Additional Uses

Crib Mirror
Hang bean-bag over a crib rail. Use the mirror adjustment strap to attach BearView to the crib rail. Babies love to see themselves in the cute & cuddly BearView Mirror.

Forward Facing Babies
For your baby's entertainment, hang the bean-bag over the back of the front seat. Secure to the seat with string or safety pin.

Bonny Babies Innovative Baby Products, BearView makes a great crib mirror too!!  Bearview Mirror for Forward Facing Babies. For your baby's entertainment, hang the bean-bag over the back of the front seat. Secure to the seat with string or safety pin.

The BearView Infant Car Mirror has a variety of anchoring methods to keep it secure to the seat in case of a sudden stop.Bonny Babies Innovative Baby Products, BearView Infant Mirror makes a great baby shower gift.
Installation Intructions
1. Raise headrest for optimal viewing and safety.
2. Place the beanbag over a headrest.
3. Wrap string completely around the headrest, hanging strap and beanbag. Thread string through opening on the back of the bear’s head and secure.
4. Pull up or down on the mirror adjustment strap to angle the mirror for optimal viewing

Common Sense Caution

  • Attach to headrest with string or safety pin 
  • Keep mirror out of direct sunlight
  • Position BearView® before driving
  • Keep string or safety pin away from children
  • BearView® is not a toy

    *The BearView Mirror won the iParenting Media Award  & the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association Show-Off Award.

    “Every mother riding with an infant must have one. It’s so smart”   Stefanie

    “I commute 100 miles a day with my infant ... this product has been a life saver. I can see her while I’m driving and I know she is OK.”   Cathie

    “I’ve bought other mirrored products and this larger scale mirror works the best and it doesn’t shift around.”   AnnMarie

    “Before we start using Bear View, our baby cried while we were driving. After we started using the BearView Infant Mirror, she could see my face in the mirror & she stopped crying. We love the product & wouldn’t travel without it.”  Suzanne

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