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Podee Baby Bottles - BPA-Free & Lead-Free Podee Bottles

Bonny Baby Caroline with her Podee at 4 months old    Podee Hands Free Baby Bottle
My Bonny Baby Caroline with her Podee
(4 months old)

Bonny Babies cares deeply for your baby’s safety and well-being. That is why we are proud to be one of the first Podee distributors to offer our customers the all new BPA-Free and Lead-Free Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeding Systems! Make sure that your Podee Bottle says BPA-Free and Lead-Free on the actual bottle, that way you will know that you have the all new 2009 BPA-Free and Lead-Free Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle

With a Podee Bottle your hands are free to hold your baby instead of the bottle! This a great solution for those moms unable to breastfeed or for dads who want to bond more with their babies while feeding them. With a Podee bottle, you can also feed your baby hands-free in an upright position while driving, walking, doing house chores, shopping in the mall or grocery store -- and all with no spills & no mess! The Podee is like an extra set of hands!

The Podee Hands Free Bottle can be filled with expressed breast milk, juices, liquids & all types of baby formula. The Podee tubing draws the liquid from the bottom of the bottle which limits the baby’s air intake. Less air helps to prevent colic, baby gas & spit ups. Babies take in only the right amount of liquid & are able to eat at their own pace.

The Podee bottle is the most versatile baby bottle on the market today! Safely feed your baby hands-free in a car seat while driving on trips or commuting, at home or away in a bouncy seat, in an infant carrier, baby swing, Bumbo Seat or while pushing a stroller in the mall  even in the grocery cart. The “Gimme-A-Hug” Insulator (purchased separately) with a built-in Velcro strap enables the Podee to be attached to any baby safe apparatus.

The Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle System is a must have for all new moms especially those needing to feed twins, triplets, quads & multiples. The Podee makes life easier for parents and is the ultimate baby shower present or new baby gift. 

Our Podee Bottle Twin Pack Contains 2 Complete Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeding Systems to get you started.

Inside the box is:

(2) 8-ounce BPA-Free/Lead-Free Podee baby bottles
• (2) silicone (clear) nipples + (2) nipple covers
• (4) cap rings
• (1) steel tube cleaning brush
• (4) tubing straws
• (2) nipple adapters & (2) disk connectors

2 Podee Bottles
(twin pack)             $15.95    reg. $17.90
4 Podee Bottles (2 twin packs)         $31.90     reg. $35.80
6 Podee Bottles (3 twin packs)         $47.85    reg. $53.70
8 Podee Bottles (4 twin packs)         $63.80    reg. $71.60
10 Podee Bottles (5 twin packs)       $79.75    reg. $89.50
12 Podee Bottles (6 twin packs)       $95.70    reg. $107.40

Podee Hands Free Baby Bottles

Quantity Nipple

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Demand is extremely high for these NEW BPA-Free Podees. Order with confidence, is the longest-selling  Authorized Podee Distributor online. We were one of the first websites to sell Podee Hands-Free Bottles. I have used the Podee with my own children & have many years of personal experience with this product. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like me to email you my list of Podee Tips.

Thank You for Buying from Bonny Babies - Your Trusted Online Source for Innovative Baby Products.

Order Podee Replacement Nipples, Tubing, & Feeding Accessories Here...


Podee "give me a hug" bottle insulator helps keep cold liquids cold and warm liquids warm. It also has a convenient Velcro strap to attach the bottle to strollers & shopping carts etc.Podee Replacement Tubes & NipplesPodee Hands Free Baby Bottle

**Effective Jan. 1, 2009: The manufacturer of the Podee Bottle has informed Bonny Babies that their Podee Hands Free Bottles will now come standard with a silicone nipple only. There will no longer be a choice of silicone or latex nipples offered with the bottle.
COMMON SENSE CAUTION: Do not leave baby unattended while feeding. The Podee is meant to be feeding aid and is not intended to be a replacement for Parental Supervision.

Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottles as seen on  Oprah

Feeding Twins, Triplets, Quads, Quints, or Multiples?

Bonny Babies Offers Volume Discounts! Buy More Than One Podee Bottle & Save!
Need an extra set of hands?
Is your baby fussy or colicky from taking in too much air?
The PODEE Hands Free Baby Bottle -
is the answer!

Baby Kayla using her Podee Bottle in her swing

"Since we started using the Podee Hands Free Feeding System, Kayla's colic symptoms have disappeared completely!!  At our house, the Podee is not only convenient, it's a necessity!" 
Karla & Kayla -Annandale, MN.

Bonny Babies - Podee Hands Free Baby Bottles- Twins David & Daniel
Precious Podee Twins David & Daniel

Cutie Pie Podee Baby Zoe


 Future LSU CheerIeader Baby Bella enjoys her Podee at the LSU game.
Baby Isabella enjoys her Podee at home & away!
(6 months old)

Baby Isabella enjoys drinking her Podee at home in her cushy Bumbo seat! Isabella is 6 months olf from Walker, Louisiana.


Please note: The actual bottle design & color may differ from photos shown on this page. Podee updates their designs quite often.

Due to the hygienic nature of these items, Podee Bottles & accessories are Non-Returnable. Please see our returns policy for more information.

**Podee Hands-Free Feeding Systems will only work with special Podee nipples. Replacement Podee nipples are available. Please do not attempt to use the Podee Kit with any other type of nipple.

***International Orders: (including Canada) Please visit  for ordering & shipping information

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