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Happi Tummi Herbal Colic Relief Waistband
100% Natural External Colic Remedy to Soothe Fussy & Colicky Babies

Is Your Baby Fussy? Gassy? Not Sleeping? Colicky?
Happi Tummi takes the guess work out of soothing any fussy baby. No more drugs or messy drops. Happi Tummi is the only external, all natural herbal colic remedy that is specially formulated for fussy infants with symptoms of colic and gas.

Pediatrician recommended. No ingestion of medications.
No mess, fast & easy to use. Ready in just 15 to 20 seconds
Only 100% Natural External Colic Remedy Specifically Formulated for Infants 
Soft, adjustable waistband is washable with a removable herbal pouch
Heat, wrap around infant's abdomen, cuddle your baby and watch it take effect
Lavender aromatherapy calms the fussy baby & the parents or caregiver too 
Herbal pack is manufactured in the USA.
Makes an ideal baby shower gift or new baby present.

The Happi Tummi Herbal Pouch can be used a maximum of 45 times. We recommend purchasing at least one refill pouch so you will always have one on hand when you need it!

Buy More Happi Tummi Colic Bands and Save... Perfect for diaper bags, grandma's house, day care, & baby gifts!

Color:  Also available Herbal Refill Pouch $9.95
Express Mail My Order: a $10.00 additional fee will be added to your order. Normal shipping charges will still apply. Express Orders received by 1pm CST will be express shipped the same day. Most orders will arrive in 1 business day, however, some zip codes may take 2 business days to arrive.
Gift Message:

The Happi Tummi was invented out of necessity by mom-inventor, Nanette Meneses, for her baby girl. The Happi Tummi has been proven to provide nearly instant relief for infants with colic pain and stomach discomfort. The Happi Tummi consists of a soft, adjustable, waistband and removable herbal pouch containing lavender, chamomile, lemon grass, peppermint, spearmint, wheat and flax seed. When heated for 15 to 20 seconds, the herbs are activated to release healing properties which provide almost immediate, calming & soothing relief of most common tummy ailments.

Happi Tummi Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Does your healthy baby cry for hours on end for no apparent reason?
Are you at a loss for how to calm and soothe your baby?
THEN the Happi Tummi is for you!

What is the Happi Tummi?
The Happi Tummi is a 100% natural external herbal remedy, that has been specifically formulated for babies with colic and gas. It is a fabric waistband with an herbal pouch that can be placed on an infant's abdomen and secured with a velcro strap.

How does the Happi Tummi Work?
The combination of the heat, herbal formula and aroma helps relieve the pain associated with colic and gas. Using the Happi Tummi is as simple as 1-2-3. Take the Happi Tummi out of the package Place the herbal pouch in the microwave and heat for 15 - 20 seconds. (NOTE: Microwaves may vary in temperature) Test the heat of the herbal pouch on the inside of your arm to make sure that it is not too hot. Once you have ensured that the Happi Tummi is warm to the touch, but never HOT, put the pouch inside the cloth waistband and place over the baby’s abdomen.
Cuddle your baby and watch as their discomfort subsides!

How does the Happi Tummi compare to other colic and gas remedies?
The Happi Tummi is the only product of it's kind specially formulated for infants. It is external while most other products are ingestible drugs and drops. The Happi Tummi gives a parent or caregiver the opportunity to help relieve an infant's discomfort without having to administer any drugs or drops. Having to administer medicine or drops to an infant is always a challenge. The Happi Tummi is an easy, fast solution to help calm a fussy baby. It is re-useable and helps calm most fussy babies. While other products limit their effectiveness to gas and colic, Happi Tummi also relieves fussiness, constipation and sleeplessness.

Is the Happi Tummi Safe and Pediatrician Recommended?
Yes – the Happi Tummi is safe, however, like all products, it must be used as instructed and under the supervision of a parent or caregiver. Never overheat the herbal pouch or place the pouch directly onto the baby. Never leave your baby unattended while using the product.
The Happi Tummi is the only 100% natural, pediatrician-recommended external remedy for colic and fussy babies. Family pediatricians not only recommend the product, but they also use the Happi Tummi® on their own children and grandchildren to soothe colic and gas.

How do I know when to use the the Happi Tummi?
If your baby is fussy, gassy, colicky or constipated, Happi Tummi may relieve the pain.
If the baby continues to cry or gets worse, discontinue use and call your pediatrician immediately.
If the baby or family has a history of allergies or sensitivities, consult your pediatrician before using the Happi Tummi.

How Long Can I Use the Happi Tummi?
If stored properly the Happi Tummi can last for up to 45 uses. Please see packaging for additional details.

Happi Tummi is available in three waist band colors: blue, pink and green.

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