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Bonny Babies features innovative baby products and baby gifts. Our best selling baby products include: The Bumbo Baby Seat, Podee Hands-Free Bottle, Miracle Swaddling Blanket, GripeWater, Pacifeeder Bottle, Primo Eurobath, Freedom Trainer Potty Seat, BearView Infant Mirror, Colic Remedies, The Big V Pillow and Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Cream. We also offer personalized baby gifts and keepsakes as well as volume discounts and unique baby gifts for twins, triplets, quads and multiples.

Clinically proven #1 • BPA-Free • USA made • Pediatrician Approved • Since 1995

Medibottle Pediatric Delivery System by Savi Baby
Imagine your baby taking all of their medicine without resistance... The medibottle delivers medicine undiluted, but undetected by baby!
All of It!
The Savi Baby Medibottle pediatric medication delivery system delivers medicine undiluted, but undetected by baby! Hospital tested & approved. Delivers an accurate dose of medicine to your sick baby
  • The medibottle assures delivery of an accurate dose, while at the same time eliminating the upset for both you and your baby.
  • Medibottle is the only pediatric medicine delivery system with two clinical trials proving that it is the single most effective pediatric medicine delivery system on the market!
Imagine your baby taking all of their medicine without resistance... The medibottle delivers medicine undiluted, but undetected by baby!
Medibottle is the only pediatric medicine delivery system with two clinical trials proving that it is the single most effective pediatric medicine delivery system on the market!

Buy More and Save.

1 medibottle $12.75

2 medibottles $23.50

3 medibottles $34.50

4 medibottles $45.50

Express Mail My Order: a $10.00 additional fee will be added to your order. Normal shipping charges will still apply.  Express Orders received by 1pm CST will be express shipped the same day. Most orders will arrive in 1 business day, however, some zip codes may take 2 business days to arrive.

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Savi Baby products are proudly Made in the USA!Fit PregnancyHs Invention of the YearCheck out the Medibottle Review in the Dec 2007 issue of babytalk magazine


Dispensing Baby's Medicine With the medibottle

Allow the baby to begin drinking the liquid from the medibottle.
Press the dispenser plunger quickly to produce a little squirt (about 5 drops) every one to four sips, depending on your baby's eagerness to drink from the bottle.

Amount of Medicine

1mL = 6 squirts
2mL = 12 squirts
3mL = 18 squirts
4mL = 24 squirts
5mL = 30 squirts

Adjusting to your baby's response will ensure that the dilution of medication does not occur in the bottle. It will take about 6 squirts to deliver each 1 mL of medicine.

medibottle Testimonials

Testimonials from medibottle users - parents and professionals alike!

"You wonder why no one thought of it sooner. It's ingenious!" —Stephanie Sinden, Pharm.D., Clark Health Centre Pharmacy Ontario, Canada

"It has worked so well for us here in our pediatric offices that we tell everyone about the medibottle. We get so many parents asking what to do when the infant resists their medication, the medibottle is now our answer." —DW, R.N., Austin, TX

"By using the medibottle I was assured that the entire amount of medication was taken by this infant. It prevents loss by gagging, coughing and throwing up due to the taste of medicine. This precise, easy method could have a very profound affect on the baby's labs and health." —Dawn Haut, M.D., The Children's Place Hospital

"Out of all the 'gadgets and gizmos'I have (which is a bunch!), medibottle is #1. Any parent who does not have one is really missing something. Our daughter is on amoxicillin twice a day for 90 days. Without this bottle, life would be one pink sticky mess! As you can tell, we are thrilled with this product and find ourselves telling everyone about it. Thanks for making life so much easier." —TH, Macomb, MI

"This means no more tipping the head back and squeezing the baby's cheeks! The medibottle works fantastic." —WT, R.N., Twin Falls, ID

"It works wonderfully! Many patients have refused meds due to "poor taste" before medibottle was instituted. One patient's liver enzymes had increased dramatically due to poor compliance resulting in induced Hepatitis. Once the medibottle was introduced to the patient, and labs were again rechecked (6 weeks later) liver enzymes had decreased four fold from previous results" —CO, R.N., Omaha, NE

"Great product! Rinse it immediately after each use. I would definitely recommend it!" —LS, Chicago, Illinois

"No matter how much the infant dislikes the medications, the medibottle makes it easy. Today it was Prednisolone® and Augmentin®." —EB, R.N., Fort Smith, AZ

"The medibottle disguised the taste of the medication, decreased the child's anxiety and reduced the time it takes to administer the medications." —DH, RN, Denver, CO

"We used the medibottle for the first time today with a 13 month old infant who had been spitting up most everything in the past two days, with the inclusion of her medicines. Today we were able to administer several doses of medication using the medibottle. All were administered in full." —Children's Hospital in Baltimore, MD

"The nurses like the medibottle because they don't have to restrain the infants, and it makes it easy to get them an accurate dose of medication." —MM, Clinical Coordinator, New Orleans, LA.

"We found the medibottle to be very effective when administering liquid medication to infants. The easy to use medibottle allows nurses to deliver an accurate dose without trauma and upset." —Sharon Barton, R.N., Ph.D., The University of Kentucky Children's Hospital

"I have the medibottle. I LOVE IT. My daughter has acid reflux and is on medicine 6x per day. The medibottle makes the process of giving her the med's so easy. I've been using it daily for the last 6 months. Thank you."—J.G., email

"My child was sent home after open heart surgery. She was given a medibottle and had to take Lasix® daily. It is the most satisfying tool for children I have ever gotten." —LB, Madera, CA

"The medibottle is a God-send. My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy at 2 months. I purchased the bottle at my drugstore. It is working out just wonderfully. I would like to say Thank You for finally coming up with a product that actually works. My daughter takes Tegretol® without any problems now, actually I think she doesn't know she is taking it." —C.P., Jonesboro, AR

"A better way to give babies medicine."

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